"Firedancer's Child," a scene from the novel.

The unpublished novel Zafiil follows the life of the Faulfenzair Zafiil from youth to death, describing also the Faulfenza's discovery of the Pelted and the Alliance.


In Part 1, the main character discovers the aliens (to her) of the Alliance.

In Part 2, we return to Zafiil's early childhood, to see what it's like to grow up Faulfenzair, and to meet one of important secondary characters.

In Part 3, we return to the present day narrative and follow the protagonist's flight across the Alliance.

In Part 4, we return to the past to cover the Zafiil's "college days."

Finally, in Part 5, we resume the present day narrative and remain with it until the main character's death.

Notable CharactersEdit


  • Zafiil
  • Daqan
  • Jan
  • Lena
  • Faullaizaf
  • Neden-ai
  • Tiirun
  • Saunu
  • Jeqezii
  • Jeniiz
  • Duzai
  • Fauldii Qodii
  • Baila-ai
  • Anza
  • Qasen-dii
  • Paden-aul
  • Jaziin


  • Amber
  • Tristan Liferiver
  • go find all the rest of those Faulfenza characters

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