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The Terran Merchant Ship Earthrise is Reese Eddings's private vessel, which she runs on private trading missions throughout the Alliance, mostly in the Neighborhood.


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General DescriptioEdit


The captain's quarters is the only one with a private bathroom with shower (retrofitted); the rest of the crew shares a single bathroom. Crew quarters have door-announces that chime.

Crew in Order of JoiningEdit

  • Allacazam (Flitzbe)
  • Kis'eh't (Glaseah)
  • Bryer (Phoenix)
  • Sascha and Irine (Harat-Shar)
  • Hirianthial Sarel Jisiensire
    • Sketch of the crew of the Earthrise, best sketch
    • Reese and H.
    • Reese and H on a horse
    • H and Maggy talk, one out of several, only one scanned

Referenced in storiesEdit


series name:

Her Instruments (fiction)

Books names:

  • Earthrise (fiction) (book 1)
  • Rose Point (fiction) (book 2)
  • Laisrathera (fiction) (book 3)


Owes alegence or debt to the queen of the Eldridch, depending where in the series you are

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