The Stone Moon trilogy is the story of how Dlane, a runaway anadi Jokkad, started a revolution in the person of Thenet, one that led eventually to empire and the resolution of many of the Jokka's problems.


  • The Worth of a Shell. Book 1: We meet Dlane, who rebels against the role of females in Jokku society, and Thenet, the neuter who assigns itself to her protection.
  • Pearl in the Void. Book 2: The Stone Moon empire is growing in power and Keshul, a false seer of the Void god, decides to fight it.
  • A Bloom in the North. Book 3: A Stone Moon enforcer decides change is needed. What will happen to the empire?

Short StoriesEdit

  • Fire in the Void. Can be read before The Worth of a Shell or after it (it's roughly contemporaneous). Introduced Keshul originally.
  • Stone Moon, Silk Scarves. Follows Pearl in the Void, and explains an incident mentioned in it from the point of view of the Jokka involved.

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