Cover: Rosettes & Ribbons

Rosettes and Ribbons
is a novella set in the Paradox Universe.

R&R was chosen for the Best in Show anthology, later reprinted as Furry! The Best Anthropomorphic Fiction.


Pelipenele is on her first trip as Dr. Edisse's xenoanthropology intern, to the planet Aren, to a dig-site being unearthed by the passionate and intimidating Aera. Little does she know that her dull, easy translation assignment is going to be nothing of the sort... This story was chosen for the "Best in Show" anthology.

Notable CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Peli's big sister Doni

Databank accessEdit

U-banks yeald step by step video


  • Peli
  • Peli reading (fanzine art)
  • Peli and strips
See side panel, it shows the evolving concept of what Peli looks like. The earlier art has her having a more pronounced muzzle, and a more furry look.

Also art within the story: the stone strips, the statue made of Jaen, the ribbons

Also a string quartet playing music of a popular Hinichi composer


Changed mythology study: Edera'yn now considered

'fool-lover' and comic relief.




Seersa gods are the four sisters

Food and DrinkEdit

Nut and carelberry pastries

Neriss punch

Species mentionedEdit


Stirlanders (spelling?)





Purchase DetailsEdit

Rosettes and Ribbons is available as a stand-alone e-book, and is also included in the collection Claws and Starships.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
E-book (SW/Amazon) 68kb $0.99 B004BA5FKU

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