Main CharactersEdit

The Children's HospitalEdit

  • Amaranth. Human. Pigtails, bright eyes. Cancer.
  • Kayla. Tam-illee. Auregh-Rosen Syndrome.
  • Kuriel. Seersa. Cerrmoniah (destroys nerve endings)
  • Nieve. Asanii. Bald. Limp ears, lilac eyes. Unknown.
  • Meekie. Tam-illee. Auregh-Rosen Syndrome.
  • Persy. Human. Cancer.
  • Jill Berquist, their primary nurse.

The QuadEdit

  • Luci, Harat-Shar leopard, healer student. Lemon-yellow fur. Dark hair and eyes.
  • Brett, Luci's roommate, Seersa, healer student. Silver-coated, green eyes.
  • Merishiinal, Ciracaana. Tawny pelt, ragged black spots and stripes. Natural and environmental sciences student.
  • Leina, Merishiinal's roommate, Seersa, black and white pelt.

The UniversityEdit

  • Lafayette KindlesFlame. Head of the Medical Clinic. Tam-illee.
  • Palland. Vasiht'h's Major Professor. Seersa. Ruddy pelt and champagne-colored ears.
  • Khallis Mekora. Seersa. Jahir's graduate advisor. Brown pelt, peppered with gray. Luminous sap green eyes.
  • Lasareissa Kandara, Seersa. Nursing instructor. Short, gray. Pale eyes.
  • Aredi, professor, pharmacology.
  • Jander, graduate teaching assistant, pharmacology class. Tam-illee.
  • Sheldan. Professor, psychology. Seersa.

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