Selnor: 24.45 hour days. Mercy has a three-shift rotation, day, evening, night.

Main CharactersEdit

Mercy Hospital Resident Guidance

  • Griffin Jiron. Human. Male. Advanced practice nurse, psychiatry; residency supervisor. Tawny skinned.
  • Valani, resident. Asanii, female. White fur. Physiological support of psychological health. Works for Healer Parkenfields in the nutrition, exercise and health support group.
  • Doctor Grace Levine. Pale with light ash blonde hair.

Physical Therapy

  • Healer Gillespie, Hinichi woman.
  • Shellie Aralyn, Asanii woman.
  • Paga, Naysha male. Fluorescent green eyes.

Urgent Care Rotation

  • Radimir, train Yulij. Snow pardine Harat-Shar, male. Senior healer-assist.
  • Paige Nettlesdown, Karaka'An. Gray, narrow black stripes bleeding onto white. Female.
  • Healer Jonsen (acute care physician, cranky, Hinichi).
  • Maya FirstOnSite. Tam-illee. Female. ER nurse.

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