Het Narel is the Jokku settlement where Thenet and Dlane founded House Reña. It is also the home of House Akkadin and Keshul, the seer from the short story "Fire in the Void."

General DescriptionEdit

The streets are broad and unpaved and unmarked with stones, instead of bare, hard soil. The buildings are
baked brick accented with colors: ecru, beige, salt white and funnel-cloud gray-yellow. Some of the houses are adorned with expensive wood brought by caravans. Closer to the center of town, the buildings rise to three or four stories high, housing the richer families.

Small Houses are on the fringe of town; the middle layer is for shops and market; the great Houses are clustered in the center. The Place of People Transactions is in the middle layer.



  • Ketti
  • Dzeri (rents property)
  • Kathara (breeds anadi)
  • Rabeil
  • Weffa
  • Akkadin


Related FictionEdit

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