A list of known Glaseahn words.



ah'ksiht [ AHHK sihht ], (noun) -- thought


dva'htiht [ dvah HHTIHT ], (noun) -- 'mind mage'; the sixth level of mastery of esper techniques; one must be fifth level or higher to be a mind healer, and sixth level or higher to enslave another's mind


etpesk [ EHT pehsk ], (noun) -- 'mind existence' -- the first level of mastery in esper techniques


fen'zih't [ fehn ZIH hh t ], (noun) -- 'governor'; the head of state of the Glaseahn government


g'ht'j [ g HHT j ], (noun) -- 'mind child'; the third level of mastery of esper techniques


jeks'ht [ JEHKS hht ], (noun) -- 'mind blessed' -- the seventh level of master of esper powers, available only to those born with the ability. The monarch of the Glaseah must have this level.


nva'shec'k [ nvah SHEHK K ], (noun) -- 'mind master', the fifth level of mastery of esper techniques


o'ht'aj [ oh HTAHJ ], (noun) -- 'mind slave'; a person whose mind has been enthralled by another's power


q'znth [ qu ZNTH ], (noun) -- 'mind apprentice'; the fourth level of mastery of esper techniques


sa'tih [ sah TIHH ], (noun) -- 'mind healer'; a person who can smooth over both the wounds inflicted by the unusual esper attack, and a person who can heal psychological/neurological problems with the application of esper power. A sa'tih must be nva'shec'k (fifth level) or higher.

siv'h [ SIHV hh ], (noun) -- a holy place, small church or chapel

siva'ht'n [ SIHV ah hht n ], (noun) -- 'church-keeper'; the individual who tends the gardens and facilities of a siv'h.

sizht [ SIHZHHT ], (noun) -- 'mind birth' -- the second level of mastery in esper techniques

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