During Kediil's age, the Jokka organized in nomadic clans. Following the age of settlement (ending the nomadic age), the Jokka began to organize into settled Houses.



Founding a House requires at least one breeding Jokkad and enough shell to pay Transactions. Founding a House is called "setting down stone." Only breeders are allowed to be Head of Household.

Houses by CityEdit

Het Serean

  • Lized
  • Mated
  • Sikkul
  • Metzi
  • Ashoi

Other houses mentioned in the published stories (need pages, or mention?):Edit

  • The Smell of Intelligence
    • House Dainal
    • House Gesha - Head: Kamil; Pefna-eperu: Paza; Scent-maker: Fatha; Anadi: Kidla, Dzen
    • House Nirada - Kaña: Iduna (a chenji)
  • Anadi Dolls
    • House Sadlan
  • Fire in the Void
    • House Akkadin, het Narel - Seer: Keshul
  • The Worth of a Shell
    • House Shethu
    • House Farah, het Oihap

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