The Ai-Naidari Book of Corrections provides a list of transgressions and their appropriate Corrections.


Tsekil, or soul-sicknesses, are often said to be the result of a failure of perspective. Corrections seek to restore perspective.


Ambition is defined among Ai-Naidar as a desire to be superior to others by accruing more wealth, achievement, power or fame than is appropriate for a person of one's caste and rank. Considered a sickness that requires Correction.


Self-harm is wrong because it hurts others as much as the one who does this.


Child AbuseEdit


Homicidal IdeationEdit

Homicidal ideation requires a high-level of Correction.

There aren't many actual homicides in Kherishdar. It's more typical for people to turn on themselves than on other people.

Improper GuiltEdit


Failure to fulfill one's responsibilities to others, especially if this results in death or injury.



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